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 Deutschland den 25.06.2018 Geschäftsempfehlungen 
MagnaMedics GmbH
Dennewartstr. 25-27
52068 Aachen (Germany)
Tel : +49.(0)241.16823872
Fax : +49.(0)241.16823894
e-mail : info@magnamedics.com


Materials & Components for Diagnostics

In the last decades diagnostics has developed from classical clinical laboratory testing toward point of care medicine, with 5 minute readouts for surgeons, to smart biosensors that should enable diabetics or patients with heart disease to monitor their glucose or CRP levels. More and more biomarkers become available through genomic and proteomic screening of individuals with impairing diseases. In addition, the rising costs of health care and changing insurance policy demand a preventive and more personalized approach of diseases. Together these factors demand for quicker, specific and more sensitive detection methods and drive the demand for components that can enable these new kits. MagnaMedics takes its place in this value chain by its products that are based on a versatile, patented silica technology that allows rapid synthesis and flexible customization for immunoassays, DNA- and RNA-separation, cell recognition and capture in complex matrix and imaging in cell-cultures or animal models.

Materials & Components for Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals Overview
Current developments in Life Sciences are driven by personalized medicine, which is enabled due to high-resolution imaging, bed-side diagnostics and tailor-made or delivered drugs. The above application needs tools and these tools are the target of product development for MagnaMedics. Our mission is to develop materials and products that will help to build tools of the future, needed in various targets of degenerative diseases. Our product development list is actually a reflection of the need of clients to use tools for rapid and bed-side diagnostics, and include enhanced (MRI) imaging and need to deliver drugs to the target organ.

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Einwohner: 82.190.000
Fläche: 357.000 km²
Postleitzahl: 01-99
Vorwahl: +49 / 0049
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